Superior Single Vision Lenses
Superior Single-vision Freeform Lenses

Single-Vision Lenses

With our lenses, you’ll get sharper vision than ever before.
Visilux® enhanced single-vision lenses utilize Freeform innovation that reduces exposure to harmful blue light. The unique design is customized based on your prescription so you can see clearer, sharper details without any strain caused by close viewing devices like cell phones and laptops!


Protect yourself against harmful blue light, reduce eyestrain and sharpen your vision with Visilux® Single-vision Lenses.

Single Vision Lenses

Everyday Lenses for Our Modern World

With all this time spent on screens, it's no wonder that our eyes are paying the price. From computers and tablets to smartphones or flat screen TVs; there is often a lot of strain when looking at them for long periods which can cause not only eyestrain but headaches too!

Order Visilux® smart single-vision lenses with Bluefree K+ blue light protection and Freeform technology today!

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