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Visilux® Digital Freeform (DF) Single Vision Lenses

Visilux® DF single-vision lenses are made individually to fit every vision application of the wearer. Visilux® SV lenses offer a more expansive, clearer vision field than conventional lenses. Thanks to free-form surfacing technology, the aberrations and distortions are reduced to a greater degree.

Visliux® DF-SV

Vislux® DF-SV offers point-by-point optimization applied over the entire lens, leading to fewer power errors in the lens periphery and allowing precise optical images.

Technology Features

  • Maximum optical quality for any prescription
  • Thinner and lighter lenses
  • Higher precision and high personalization
  • Clear vision in every gaze direction
  • Oblique astigmatism is reduced

Multiple Focal

Multiple Focus SV

Spherical lenses create peripheral distortion due to imbalanced light refraction across the lens surface.

Single Focal

Single Focal SV

Aspheric/Atoric lenses use multiple curvatures to reduce peripheral defocus and aberration.

Visilux® DF Anti-fatigue

Visilux® Anti-fatigue is designed primarily for 18-45-year-old myopes experiencing symptoms of tired eyes due to fatigue associated with jobs or hobbies involving near vision. Anti-fatigue lenses request less visual accommodation at close range.

Technology Features

  • A slight addition of power in the lower portion of the lens to reduce eyestrain during close-up activities
  • Greater comfort than standard vision correction lenses due to the wearer's natural accommodation pattern retained
Single Focal SV

Visilux® DF EasyDrive

Visilux® EasyDrive are comfortable and offer sharper vision for single vision drivers.

Technology Features

  • Improve comfort of night driving by incorporating a night vision zone in the upper part of the lens
  • Outstanding visual quality throughout every lens focal point
Single Focal SV

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