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Miowear Digital Freeform (DF) Myopia Control Lenses

Traditional ophthalmic lenses are built according to the prototype of camera lenses, which generate a flat focal plane. The peripheral image is focused behind the retina, while the central focus is located precisely on the central retina. Accordingly, the peripheral retina will elongate to catch up with the position of the peripheral image. This legacy design increases the likelihood of worsening the myopia condition.

Design Benefits

Miowear DF lenses create the peripheral image in front of the retina while the central image remains located precisely on the retina. Miowear uses peripheral defocus lens technology that can effectively reduce myopic progression in children. Available in 1.59 poly.

  • Fitting height must be precisely measured
  • Children 6-12 years of age with Myopia
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Regular Lens
Myocare Lens

Design Considerations

It is recommended that you measure the Pantoscopic angle, Vertex distance and degree of wrap to ensure the frame fit is within the optimal fitting parameters for Mio.

Availability and Features

  • Vertex Distance: ≤ 10mm
  • Wrap Angle Frame: 0 to 5°
  • Pantoscopic Angle: close to 0°
  • B Measurement: minimum 25mm
Tip: Try to avoid long frames where the pupil is too high in the frame. The more centered, horizontally and vertically, the better.

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