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Lens Treatment Technology
PhotoX Technology

What is PhotoX?

The PhotoX Lenses use revolutionary technology to reconstruct photochromic molecular bonds. It breaks the molecular structure when exposed to ultraviolet light. The molecules of PhotoX lenses start to change their structure immediately, which improves response speed, so colour changes are faster and darker.

Conventional Technology

Photochromic Molecules

Photochromic molecules take a longer time to transition in sequential order in UV light.

Conventionally, the solution is to reduce the molecular response time to achieve a faster transition. The drawback of this solution is the maximum darkening of the lens is reduced.

Conventional = Longer Reaction Time

Conventional Longer Reaction Time

Conventional Faster Transition = Lower Shading

Conventional Lower Shading Diagram

PhotoX Technology

PhotoX Advantage

PhotoX technology restructures the photochromic molecules to function simultaneously; this does not affect the maximum darkening and dramatically improves the transition speed.

PhotoX Advantage

PhotoX Technology Advantage

PhotoX VS Conventional Technology

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