Advanced Progressive Lenses
Advanced Progressive Freeform Technology

Progressive Lenses

Vereo® Progressive lenses are designed to give you a clear view at all distances. Vereo® uses focal zones meant for close-up, intermediate and distance, so you don’t strain your eyes.

With Vereo® progressive lenses, each change in focal power is progressive rather than abrupt. The transition from near to far is smooth and natural. With our Freeform technology focal lengths are sharp, so you can wear them all day and enjoy clear vision no matter your task. And Vereo® is invisible, with no visible lines, so they look great on any eyeglasses frame style.

Progressive Lenses

Vereo® Progressive Lenses are unique to you!

Your vision is unique, so years of experience are leveraged to provide a personalized, tailor-made lens to match individual needs—just one of the reasons top optometrists recommend Vereo® Progressive Lenses with Digital Freeform technology.

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