Advanced Transition Lenses
Advanced Transition Lenses with PhotoX®

Transition Lenses

Enjoy a bolder, brighter life with Invers® Transition lenses! These innovative new lenses are designed to protect from the sun's vibrant rays indoors and outdoors. And they offer extra safety while driving with PhotoX® photochromic lens technology.

  • Darkest photochromic lenses when exposed to high frequency light
  • Actively darkens while in the the car
  • Up to 35% faster fade-back than previous generations
  • The best Blue Light protection

Transition Lenses with PhotoX

Adjust to Any Light Condition

Transition lenses made with PhotoX® technology provide the ultimate in adaptable eye protection thanks to a unique formula of PhotoX® adaptive lens technology featuring trillions of photochromic molecules. These patented formulas are integrated into every transition lens, constantly recalibrating so your eyes get the right amount of light no matter where you are!

Order Invers® Transition Lenses with active UV protection and maximum light control today!

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