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Maximized Visual Acuity with Minimal Swim & Sway.
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Vereo® Digital Freeform (DF) Progressive Lenses

Vereo® DF family of progressive lenses is manufactured with the latest freeform technology providing maximum visual acuity and minimal visual swim and sway. We offer a wide variety of lens designs that can be customized to your customer's needs.

Inform DFI Progressive Lenses

Vereo® DFI

Vereo® DFI progressive lenses offer a budget solution for everyday use. The DFI line incorporates a back-side progressive design.

Inform DFII Progressive Lenses

Vereo® DFII

Vereo® DFII progressive lenses are easy to adapt and specifically designed for modern working places.

DFI - dfii

Inform DF-XS Mini Progressive Lenses

Vereo® DF-Dynamic

Vereo® DF-Dynamic progressive lenses offer clear wide-angle vision at a distance, are compatible with sports frames and are best suited for the active wearer.


Inform DF-XS Mini Progressive Lenses

Vereo® DF-XS Mini

Vereo® DF-XS Mini progressive lenses offer a short corridor engineered for extremely small frame applications.

XS Mini

Inform DF-Balance Progressive Lenses

Vereo® DF-Balance

Vereo® DF-Balance progressive lenses balance the reading utility of the near sight zone and the dynamic vision utility of the distance and intermediate sight zones. Vereo® DF-Balance allows the wearer to perform different types of tasks with equal comfort.

Inform DF-Natrelle Progressive Lenses

Vereo® DF-Natrelle

Vereo® DF-Natrelle progressive lenses are made for today's lifestyle. Vereo® DF-Natrelle offers a natural vision for all areas and allows for comfortable change between near and far sight. The variable inset (0-5mm) improves the near visual field.

Balance & Natrelle

Inform DF-Reader Progressive Lenses

Vereo® DF-Online Reader

Tailor made digression choice

Vereo® DF-Online Reader is a progressive lens made for all presbyopes who work more than 2-3 hours per day in front of a computer. For people who perform visually intensive indoor activities such as reading and engaging in close-up work.

Online Reader

Inform DF-Easy Drive  Progressive Lenses

Vereo® DF-Easy Drive

Vereo® DF-Easy Drive is a progressive lens that offers a wide vision field in the far and intermediate zones. Easy Drive allows for easy focus switching between street, dashboard, navigation systems and side mirrors.

easy drive

Vereo® OptiMax DS

Progressive Dual Surface Technology

Vereo® OptiMax DS, dual surface progressive lenses technology, delivers a customized natural-viewing experience. The OptiMax DS dual surface progressive lens design features a unique variable front surface base curve - a surface innovation that provides the optimal base curve across all viewing zones. Unlike most free-form designs, the front surface is not spherical but has a unique variable front surface base curve continually increasing in the vertical direction.

The HD inner compensation calculation created a customized lens optimized for the wearer's prescription and frame selection. This front surface innovation benefits wearers in both distance and near zones. Wearers enjoy noticeably increased acuity in the periphery of the distance zone and a reading area that is wider and more comfortable.

Binocular Harmonization Technology
Position of Wear
Dual Surface Design
Thinner and Lighter
Extend Visual Fields
Optimized Design on Frame Shape

Design Benefits

  • Increases clarity in the peripheral area of the lens and reduces distortion to the lens edge
  • Noticeably more relaxed vision thanks to precise and effortless focusing
  • Lens thickness reduced for a thinner, lighter and more cosmetically appealing lens

Design Features

  • Digital Dual-sided progressive lens design
  • 6 corridor lengths: 10-15mm
  • Uniform addition on the front surface, counterbalanced on the back to achieve the total addition power
  • Clear, natural vision in all directions and at all distances
  • Dramatically reduces swimming sensations
OptiMax DS
OptiMax DS
Traditional Progressive Lens
Traditional Progressive

Vereo® Freeform Personalization

Personalization Options

  1. Monocular Pupillary Distance
  2. Back Vertex Distance
  3. Wrap Angle Frame Curvature
  4. Pupilar Height
  5. Pantoscopic Tilt

Personalization Benefits

  • Personalized lens for every wearer
  • Optimization bases on the prescription for each position of wear
  • Clearer, wider and more comfortable near vision
  • Better visual performance: better contrast, wider fields of vision and easier distance transition
OptiMax DS Without Personalization
Without Personalization
With Personalization

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