Lens Treatments

Lens Treatment Technology
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Lens Treatments

Conductive antistatic layers and super hydrophobic topcoats are just some of the many layer applications used in lens treatments. Multi K, and Bluefree K Plus are used to treat lens layers in Xera® Lenses.

Multi K+

Clearer Vision and Easy Care

  • Outstanding abrasion resistance
  • Super Hydrophobic layer increases the contact angle, that helps repel oil, water and smudges
  • Antistatic layer makes the lens dust free

Bluefree K+

Blue light Digital Protection

As the widespread use of smartphones and tablets increases, people are exposed to more blue light today than ever. Out digital devices emit intense blue light, which scatters easily, reducing contrast and adding eye fatigue.

Reflection of the front surface of the spectacle lens with BlueFree
Light Reflection Diagram


Lens Treatment Diagram


Blue Light Spectrum Diagram

A graph showing the spectral of a white LED within the visible spectrum. The LED emits light at different wavelengths including a sharp blue spike at 460 nanometers.


Blue Light Spectrum Diagram

BlueFree is designed to block harmful blue-violet light whose wavelength ranges between 380-455 nm.


Make your drive safe and easy

  • Significant reduction of reflection and uncomfortable glare by cutting high energy visible light from oncoming cars and street-lights
  • It has improved contrast and brightness perception in low-light conditions, fog and rain. Drv2 K will bring you a more comfortable, relaxed vision even in stressful driving situations
Myopia Correction Regular Lens
In-Car Performance

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